Aussie model and PETA anti-fur campaigner Ruby Rose wrote today that she’s troubled by our investigation into People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) animal-killing activities. Rose was "shocked" to find out that our accounting of PETA’s substantial slaughter of adoptable dogs and cats is accurate, but unfortunately she bought PETA’s spin that it only kills very sick and injured animals. The ever-so-slight problem with that rebuttal is that it doesn't square with the facts that emerged when two PETA employees were caught dumping dogs and cats in a North Carolina dumpster.

In 2007 two PETA employees went on trial in North Carolina for felony animal cruelty and littering (they were convicted of the latter). But it came out during trial that PETA killed healthy, adoptable, “adorable,” even “perfect” animals.


Those “adorable” and “perfect” quotes are from trial evidence: A PETA defendant’s notebook contained both those words as descriptions of the condition in which the animals PETA killed were obtained. Witnesses testified that they were told that PETA “shouldn’t have a problem at all finding homes” for dogs they handed over to PETA. Those dogs, of course, were killed. And PETA ignominiously tossed the bodies in a dumpster.


Skeptical? Look at the photo below and decide for yourself whether the animals PETA employees killed were on death’s door or perfectly adoptable. You can see more here [Warning: Images are graphic and disturbing]. As for Rose, she would be better off finding a trustworthy advocacy ally.



Dressed in protective gear, Ahoskie Police Detective Sgt. Jeremy Roberts prepares to bury one of the dead dogs found in an Ahoskie, NC dumpster. The Ahoskie Police made two arrests in the case, individuals employed by PETA. A total of 31 dead dogs were discovered. Photo Credit: Cal Bryant/Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald, Ahoskie NC

So, in light of this, here's what you can do. It turns out Ruby Rose fancies herself as a social media darling. Perhaps she heard from you on Twitter and Facebook, she might reconsider her position.

Tweet @rubyrose1: @PETA killed "perfect," "adorable" dogs and cats. Maybe you should rethink working with PETA.

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