Chicken-statue405tallWe’ve been writing for a while now about the juvenile PR tactics PETA employs to try and get attention. Whether it be equating the death of animals for consumption to the Holocaustlikening performance whales to slaves, or, more recently, claiming that pregnant mothers who eat Buffalo wings doom their sons to smaller penises (no joke), these dog killers are no strangers to controversy. PETA claims it’s all just part of a larger PR strategy. But it may be as great a strategy as starting a land war in Asia. As one columnist barked loudly today, they are actually making a mockery of their entire movement.

In an article titled, “PETA’s trolling hurts animals,” Erika Nicole Kendall from Salon puts it rather bluntly: “… how privileged and out of touch are you, how bereft of diversity, how patriarchal are you that these are the methods you use to bring awareness to a public that is already tired of your [mess]?” Kendall goes on to note, “People are so used to rolling their eyes at PETA in the name of animal cruelty, they roll their eyes at animal cruelty, period.”

In other words, everyone is tired of PETA’s antics. People are not laughing with the animal liberation movement, they are laughing at it. But such a realization would require a moment of rationality, which they have made us plenty aware will not be happening soon.


Check out our new site that calls out PETA for killing so many pets even as it campaigns to ban all uses of animals by people. Even caring for pets is against PETA’s principles: PETA President Ingrid Newkirk has said, “It would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets altogether.”

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We will continue to expose PETA for its hypocrisy and extremism. Head over to to see the full, graphic truth—if you can stomach it.