Another year has gone by and more than 1,900 cats and dogs have once again been killed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The group has killed over 27,000 pets since 1998. The dirty secret of a group that might better be called “People Eradicating Thousands of Animals” is now public knowledge, but we’re making sure people don’t forget PETA’s hypocrisy. We’ve put up billboards for our site, PETA Kills Animals, in America’s two largest cities, New York and Los Angeles.

What will inquiring minds find when they visit The group that has the gall to call themselves the People for the “Ethical Treatment” of Animals has become even more “efficient” in dealing with pets in the past year than it was in 2010. A pet in the hands of PETA has a survival rate close to that of a snowball in hell. Of the 1,992 cats and dogs that PETA received last year, 1,911 were killed. For those who are not mathematically inclined, that’s a kill rate of 95.9 percent.

PETA often claims that they only kill animals who are injured or sick. But in 2005 police caught PETA employees dumping recently killed animals that were healthy and adoptable just hours before.

Rest assured, though: 24 lucky animals in 2011 were actually adopted.

So where is all of PETA’s funding going if not to saving animals in shelters? These wingnuts are trying to expand Bloomberg’s soda ban to include milk and working with their “physicians committee” friends to protest the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest—just to cover what they’ve been up to in the first few days of July.

PETA’s hometown of Norfolk, VA appears to be fed up with PETA’s concept of “ethical treatment,” so hopefully, with more knowledge, the people of New York and L.A. will recognize that the “ET” in PETA means almost-certain death.

But maybe people are already catching on: PETA received fewer cats and dogs in 2011 than it did in any year since 1999. You can check out these statistics and our new billboards at