PETA Kills AnimalsPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) thinks animals are “people,” and therefore the group harasses people who eat and wear animal products and those who conduct lifesaving medical research on animals. But PETA has no qualms killing roughly 2,000 dogs and cats every year, even those that its staff classifies as “adorable” and “perfect,” as our Senior Research Analyst reminded readers of PETA’s hometown newspaper.

You might say PETA has a deadly habit of hypocrisy. And since PETA’s hypocrisy excuses the group’s own animal killing, it should not shock anybody that PETA’s celebrity endorsers are excused from PETA’s proscriptions against eating or using animal products.

The latest celebrity to strip for PETA while wearing animal products in his real life is rock musician Dave Navarro. While Navarro lent himself to PETA’s anti-fur and anti-cosmetics campaigns, a leather designer in Los Angeles is quite happy to promote that Navarro wears his stuff. Indeed, leather is the singer’s signature look, and apparently it’s the real McCoy.

It is a longstanding tradition for PETA endorsers to join the self-described “total press sluts” in advertisements while refusing to follow the PETA lifestyle. Pamela Anderson, who appeared in countless PETA ads, even opened an omnivorous restaurant in 2006. Given the chance, PETA would ban meat, cheese, and even dairy creamer (for the rest of us, at least).

However, some prominent entertainers see through PETA. Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games fame said “Screw PETA” in a recent interview. By their deeds (if not their pin-ups), many PETA celebrities agree.