The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is known for its bizarre media stunts, but its recent lawsuit just might take the cake. A California federal judge threw out PETA’s suit, filed on behalf of five orcas, claiming the animals’ rights are being violated under the 13th Amendment, which prohibits slavery. In reaction to the ruling, PETA argued that dismissing animals as property was the same argument used against African-Americans and women before their rights were protected.

Hmm—does PETA have a point? We’re contemplating borrowing a page from PETA’s playbook. We’re considering possible class action litigation against PETA ourselves—on behalf of the more 25,000 cats and dogs that PETA has killed at its Norfolk, VA headquarters since 1998. In a press release today, we point out that PETA may be violating the 5th and 8th Amendment rights of the pets it has “put down”:

“Frankly, if PETA is so concerned about the rights of a few killer whales, what about the rights of the pets it routinely kills?” Wilson asked. CCF may apply for litigation support from former The Price is Right host Bob Barker, a well-known animal rights activist.

A 2010 inspection of 290 PETA animal custody records performed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services discovered that PETA killed 84 percent of the animals it took control of within only 24 hours. Additionally, the inspection discovered that PETA’s animal shelter doesn’t meet PETA’s own published guidelines for running a shelter.

“Don’t Rover and Fluffy have a right to life—or at least a court hearing, public defender, and an exhaustive appeals process before they get the PETA lethal injection?” Wilson asked. “Let’s not forget that these animals are also entitled to speedy trial and the right to vote when they turn 18—or 3, adjusted for dog years.”

Read the full press release here. And if you’d like to help shut down PETA, sign the petition to end PETA’s status as an animal shelter here.