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  1. FACT CHECK: PETA Claims to “Never” Kill Healthy Animals

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    PETA president Ingrid Newkirk’s memory must be fading, because she tried to assert that PETA’s shelter isn’t just a kill mill.

    In an L.A. Times interview recognizing Newkirk on her 70th birthday, Newkirk called PETA’s animal shelter a “shelter of last resort.” Specifically, she claimed the following: “We never euthanize a healthy place-able animal, ever.”

    True? No.

    PETA has killed about 40,000 animals at its headquarters since 1998, according to official government records. PETA is so notorious for killing animals that the Virginia legislature felt compelled to pass a law in 2015 declaring the primary purpose of an animal shelter as a place that seeks permanent homes for the animals it takes in. The law also set a shelter kill rate cap of 70%, around 15% less than PETA’s average kill rate, according to our calculations.

    In 2017, PETA faced a lawsuit for stealing a family dog named Maya and euthanizing the pup that same day. The lawsuit was later settled for almost $50,000. PETA also faced a fine for not waiting the 5-day grace period required by state law.

    A former employee of PETA was disgusted with the organization enough to writing a nearly 3,750 word exposé of the organization including a story of a rescued pit bull with “no immediate indication for euthanasia.” The former employee’s mother was interested in adopting the dog, but PETA had got to the poor pup first, just a few short days after rescue.

    According to a sworn affidavit by former PETA employee Heather Harper-Troje, even in 1999, Newkirk felt that “there wasn’t any point in trying to adopt out an animal.” Harper-Troje also claims that they killed animals “off the books” and in transport vans before they even got to the shelter.

    PETA kills pets. Even healthy ones.

  2. PetSmart Sues PETA

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    PETA may be in some legal hot water.

    In an update to an ongoing lawsuit over alleged spying by PETA operative Jenna Jordan, PetSmart has added PETA itself as a defendant in the case. Jordan was allegedly sent to spy on multiple PetSmart stores across the country as part of a years-long operation to make fraudlent videos about the company.

    In obtaining employment with PetSmart, Jordan allegedly lied on her application and omitted the fact that she was previously fired from a zoo for spying on behalf of PETA. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Jordan committed a litany of offenses from animal neglect to filing false reports with law enforcement.

    A copy of the suit is available here.

    The lawsuit, which correctly identifies PETA as a “militant, activist organization,” wants PETA to pay $100 for each day Jordan spied on the store and its employees. Given that Jordan worked at PetSmart, over a long length of time, it could be quite a large bill for PETA. (PetSmart ought to ask for more.)

    The lawsuit also makes note of PETA’s hatred of pet ownership, citing the recent lawsuit in which PETA paid about $50,000 after stealing and killing a family’s Chihuahua in Virginia. Also highlighted in the lawsuit are PETA’s high kill rates at its headquarters’ shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, despite the fact PETA took in close to $50 million.

    After years of PETA picking on farms and other businesses, it’s good to see someone bite back.

  3. PETA Exploits Fashion Leader’s Death

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    PETA CEO Ingrid Newkirk may be a vegan, but she is acting like vulture circling a carcass.

    Less than one hour after the passing of famed designer and cat owner Karl Lagerfeld became public, PETA tweeted:

    The fact that PETA—which killed more than 70% of the cats and dogs received last year—would go after a man who loved his cat so much he called her his daughter is tasteless. Lagerfeld pampered his cat to a level most pet owners would dream, often keeping the cat with him during his travels and giving the cat her own room. Considering PETA has given thousands of cats under its custody little more than a euthanasia needle, it’s clear who the real animal lover is here.

    PETA has a long history of targeting Lagerfeld for his use of animal furs and skins in many of his designs. It’s one thing to disagree with someone, but another to insult the recently deceased. Once again PETA has shown that it does not care about anything other than inserting itself into conversation in the most unpleasant way possible.

  4. Is This PETA’s Most Hypocritical Protest?

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    PETA continues to prove that no one knows how to waste over $50 million like it can. As it has done in years before, PETA is protesting during the 143rd Westminster Kennel Dog Show.  

    This year’s antics include protesting behind “blood”-soaked “dead dogs” while holding signs that say “Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs’ Chances.” The irony and hypocrisy is hard to miss given that PETA kills shelter dogs (and cats) at its own headquarters. A government inquiry into PETA’s shelter found the organization kills the majority of the animals within 24 hours of intake.

    This has to be one of the most disturbing Westminster Dog Show protest PETA has done in recent memory–even rivaling the time PETA wore KKK outfits to protest the show, comparing dog breeders to the supremacist organization.

    It’s egregious that PETA —which currently is trying to ban Bull Terroirs in the UK— acts as though it truly cares about the wellbeing of animals.

    The Westminster Dog Show, which set up five different charities to help fund rescue activities, veterinary scholarships, and service dogs for veterans and people with illnesses, certainly seems to have done more to help animals in need than PETA has.

    If PETA truly cared it would put its money where its mouth is and spend money on helping the same shelters they say are struggling to house homeless dogs—and we mean actually help, not just kill them within a day.

  5. Lawsuit Seeks to Take a Bite out of PETA

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    Enough is enough for a small business called Paws for Effect, a company that adopts and trains animals to perform in various types of media.

    According to documents obtained by TMZ, Paws for Effect is suing PETA for defamation. This comes after, as part of its smear campaign against the film A Dog’s Way Home, PETA sent an email to an executive at Sony and an “unknowable” number of others alleging Paws for Effect had numerous citations under the Animal Welfare Act.

    The problem is, according to Paws for Effect, it has never received a single citation under the AWA. The company says PETA lied. We’ll keep an eye on this case.

    It’s quite sad that PETA, an organization that killed 73% of the cats and dogs in its care last year, would attack Paws for Effect and its owner Debbie Pearl, who in her spare time runs a nonprofit that rescues pups from streets and shelters and turns them into service and emotional support animals. But what is to be expected from an organization that promotes women dressed in lettuce bikinis?

  6. PETA’s “Kill Mill” Slaughtered 1,800 Pets Last Year

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    In 2018, PETA killed 50 times more animals than it adopted out. Worse? PETA killed the vast majority of animals within 24 hours of intake.

    It’s crazy that PETA, an organization with total revenue last year of more than $56 million, continues to care more about lettuce bikinis, frivolous lawsuits over animal selfies, and telling you not to use certain idioms like “bring home the bacon” than actually finding homes for animals in the shelter it runs out of its headquarters.

    PETA’s animal custody records, which it filed with the Virginia state government, show that last year PETA took in about 2,500 cats and dogs. PETA slaughtered almost 1,800 of them–a kill rate of about 72%. See below for the full data:

    That’s about one animal killed every hour of the business day.

    Worse? A veterinarian with the state of Virginia inspected PETA and found that PETA killed the vast majority of animals within 24 hours of intake.

    Even more horrendous? Only 35 cats and dogs were adopted. That means PETA killed 50 times more animals than it adopted out.

    When looking at PETA’s “Year in Numbers Report” the organization mentions how many free vegan kits were sent out but not how many pets were saved. Why doesn’t PETA publicize these numbers? Presumably, because the public would find PETA’s dark side revolting.

  7. Which of PETA’s Campaigns Was Voted the Craziest?

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    Our PETA’s Craziest Campaign Contest has just concluded and, after receiving thousands of votes, the winner has emerged. There are a lot of crazy PETA campaigns, but only one could take home the title of Craziest PETA Campaign.

    And the winner is…PETA’s “Holocaust On Your Plate” campaign!

    Yes, PETA’s insensitive comparison of farms to Nazi concentration camps was voted the most insane campaign of the radical animal liberation group—and for good reason too. The campaign was banned in Germany and panned as offensive everywhere else. In fact, it took years for PETA to issue a non-apology. The Anti-Defamation League, which combats antisemitism, put out a statement condemning the campaign, rightfully saying PETA’s campaign was “outrageous, offensive and takes chutzpah to new heights.” A CNN poll of more than 150,000 people found that 88 percent of respondents described the campaign as “an unfair and outrageous comparison.”

    The runner-up in our contest was PETA’s campaign claiming milk leads to autism. That claim is not only untrue, it furthers the stigma that countless people with autism face on a daily basis.

    Third place, meanwhile, is PETA’s “boyfriend went vegan” video that made light of sexual violence. You can see all 10 PETA campaigns here.

    We promised that people who voted in our contest would be entered into a raffle to receive a free 12-month supply of delicious meat from Butcher Box, a premier meat delivery service. We have randomly selected the lucky winner (who we will keep private so that he or she is not harassed by PETA). Congratulations! We’re sure that person will have many tasty meals over the next 12 months.

    Thank you to everyone who voted. Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for future contests.

  8. Even Vegans Turned Off by PETA’s Shock Campaigns

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    You may think PETA is an animal rights organization, but its work may more accurately be described as being “press sluts,” to quote PETA president Ingrid Newkirk. Most people are already turned off by PETA’s tactics—such as trivializing the Holocaust—but even vegans are pushing back.

    Gillette’s recent “toxic masculinity” ad created some buzz and PETA couldn’t help but attempt to ride the coattails. PETA quickly declared “Traditional masculinity is DEAD” and posted an obscene video on Twitter featuring some disturbing-looking men doing some disturbing things with vegetables placed to look like male genitals.

    As one vegetarian columnist writing for The Guardian put it:

    I’ve been vegetarian for ages and have been considering going vegan. One reason I haven’t yet is pizza: vegan cheese is a crime against tastebuds. Another thing putting me off is Peta. The animal rights organisation seems to launch itself into the headlines every few months with an obnoxious advertising campaign that makes vegans look like pea-brains with whom no right-minded person would want to be associated.

    Regarding PETA’s video, she said “Nothing has ever made me want to eat a carrot less.”

    A vegan magazine writer even weighed in to voice her disgust with PETA:

    I’ve seen some bizarre stuff in my day, and I’m no prude by any measure but this video has to be the dumbest f**king thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks PETA, I feel a bit violated after watching that. I’m pretty sure that the organization was just trying to benefit from the media storm that the Gillette ad created. I find it absurd, to be honest. What exactly are they trying to say here? Men have better sexual stamina if they eat vegetables? Have you seen the men in this video? They look sickly, slimy, and creepy AF. I think I’d rather put my mouth around a hot dog. Ugh I’m gagging.

    In other words, PETA is undermining its own agenda to promote veganism. How ironic.

    The writer concludes, noting the true point of the video:  “Anyway, here we all are, talking about PETA. Mission accomplished I guess.”

    Yes, here we are, noting that PETA could be using its resources placing animals in homes instead of killing thousands of dogs and cats and using shock tactics for media attention.

    The next time somebody tells you PETA is an animal rights organization, point to this video and ask, “How exactly does this help animals?”

  9. Will PETA Kill Animals in Hurricane Florence Disaster Zone?

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    We are officially in hurricane season. For animal rights groups with no moral decorum, that means fundraising season.

    Right at the forefront of such groups is PETA, whose website currently greets visitors with a front-and-center pop-up begging for money to “help” animals. Of course, what PETA doesn’t tell you is that it kills healthy animals. And it kills animals at its very own headquarters in Virginia. Since 1998, PETA has killed close to 40,000 animals, according to filings it has made with Virginia. (The evidence is at

    In one notable case, two PETA employees were criminally charged after they were caught killing animals and dumping the bodies in North Carolina. Now, PETA may be back in the state after Hurricane Florence hits. It’s just a short drive from PETA HQ.

    PETA is not a legitimate rescue organization and so any charity towards relieving the impact of hurricanes on people and animals alike would go much further at an actual organization that specializes in disaster relief.

    PETA has in recent weeks been wasting money on anti-seafood press stunts, angering local populations who have a longtime history of eating crablobster, etc. That’s not helping animals. That’s a marketing campaign.

    If recent history like the 2016 Louisiana flooding is any indication, PETA will be raising money and deploying itself to North or South Carolina to allegedly rescue animals. But we have not seen an accounting of what happened to the animals in the past, or what PETA did with the money it raised. How many of those animals were killed?

    Pet owners should take proper precautions as major storms are not to be brushed aside as minor concerns. There are plenty of organizations and shelters that will be helping out and need financial support from those who are able to give. PETA isn’t one of them.