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  1. PETA Killed 1,700 Cats and Dogs in 2021

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    It’s 2022 and animal shelters are saving more cats and dogs than ever. Yet PETA is still killing pets. By the truckload.

    While PETA may act high and mighty, it has an alarmingly high kill rate at the “shelter” at its Virginia headquarters. According to new filings PETA made with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the organization killed 1,699 cats and dogs last year (and about 50 other animals), for an overall 76 percent euthanasia rate.

    The same database shows private shelters in Virginia euthanized 6 percent of their dogs and cats in 2021. Public shelters euthanized 11.24 percent of their sheltered dogs and cats.

    PETA is a ghoulish outlier.

    PETA reports adopting out only 27 dogs and cats. According to statistics from pet adoption organizations including, Shelter Animals Count, 24PetWatch and, “the uptick in adoptions that began during the pandemic last year has continued, with 977,202 pets adopted in 2021, resulting in a 61 percent adoption rate—the highest rate in the past six years.”

    As animal lawyers at Duane Morris note:

    As it has in the past, PETA continues to defend its euthanasia rate by asserting in its 2021 report that it is “the only private truly open-admission animal shelter in our region (and perhaps the entire state) . . . ,” but our prior research (here and here) belies that claim. There are numerous open-admission shelters in Virginia. They just don’t kill animals at the rate that PETA does. 

    Why would PETA kill pets year after year? Because PETA is an animal liberation group that is against pet ownership. Ingrid Newkirk, president and co-founder of PETA, has said, “If people want toys, they should buy inanimate objects.” If they want companionship, they should seek it with their own kind.” PETA sucks in many people who don’t know better. Make sure everyone knows the truth.

  2. In 2019, Nearly 1,600 Cats and Dogs Were Killed by PETA

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    Animal shelter records for 2019 have been published by Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the numbers for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are disturbing. According to the report,  1,593 dogs, cats, and other pets last year were killed by PETA–a revolting 66% kill rate.

    Of the 2,380 pets the organization took in, only 32 pets were adopted out. (Several hundred other pets were shipped to other shelters.) Since 1998, over 40,000 cats, dogs, and other animals in Virginia have been killed by PETA.

    Unlike PETA, other private animal shelters are doing much better when it comes to finding homes for animals. Official records show private animal shelters in Virginia had a euthanasia rate of just 5% and an adoption rate of 73% last year. PETA was ultimately responsible for nearly three-fourths of the dogs and cats killed at Virginia’s 45 private shelters.

    A ledger of PETA’s official body count can be found here.

    PETA has a history of unethical behavior when it comes to their “angel of death” shelter program. In 2014, PETA dognapped a healthy Chihuahua off its owner’s property. The poor pup was euthanized the same day it was taken; PETA paid about $50,000 to settle a subsequent lawsuit. In 2005, two of the organization’s employees faced 31 felony animal cruelty charges for killing and dumping dogs in a dumpster.

  3. PetSmart Sues PETA

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    PETA may be in some legal hot water.

    In an update to an ongoing lawsuit over alleged spying by PETA operative Jenna Jordan, PetSmart has added PETA itself as a defendant in the case. Jordan was allegedly sent to spy on multiple PetSmart stores across the country as part of a years-long operation to make fraudlent videos about the company.

    In obtaining employment with PetSmart, Jordan allegedly lied on her application and omitted the fact that she was previously fired from a zoo for spying on behalf of PETA. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Jordan committed a litany of offenses from animal neglect to filing false reports with law enforcement.

    A copy of the suit is available here.

    The lawsuit, which correctly identifies PETA as a “militant, activist organization,” wants PETA to pay $100 for each day Jordan spied on the store and its employees. Given that Jordan worked at PetSmart, over a long length of time, it could be quite a large bill for PETA. (PetSmart ought to ask for more.)

    The lawsuit also makes note of PETA’s hatred of pet ownership, citing the recent lawsuit in which PETA paid about $50,000 after stealing and killing a family’s Chihuahua in Virginia. Also highlighted in the lawsuit are PETA’s high kill rates at its headquarters’ shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, despite the fact PETA took in close to $50 million.

    After years of PETA picking on farms and other businesses, it’s good to see someone bite back.

  4. The Slaughterhouse Remains Open at PETA’s Headquarters

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    Yet again, People for the “Ethical” Treatment of Animals (PETA) has unleashed a torrent of death on the pets of Norfolk, Va. In 2017, PETA killed 1,809 cats and dogs at the animal “shelter” it operates out of its headquarters, according to a filing it made with the state of Virginia. Pets are 40 times more likely to be put to death than adopted out if they’re picked up by PETA.

    Virginia requires all animal shelters to publicly report what they do with their animals. Last year, the euthanasia rate at comparable private shelters in Virginia was only 9.4 percent and the state’s overall rate was 17.3 percent. PETA’s euthanization rate was an astonishing 74 percent in 2017.

    Ingrid Newkirk, the co-founder and president of PETA, once said, “pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation” and, “I think it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets altogether.”

    It seems she is living her dream—unfortunately for the animals who aren’t living theirs.

  5. PETA Has Ally in Bid to Slaughter Cats

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    The Wrath of the Animal Rights Groups is upon us and their radical new solution to prevent the killing of animals is to … kill some animals. Yes, PETA, the organization that claims to be for the “ethical treatment of animals,” has found a new ally in its crusade against outdoor cats in the new book Cat Wars by Dr. Peter Marra, director of the Smithsonian’s migratory bird center in Washington.

    Dr. Marra advocates the rounding up of all stray cats and euthanizing them if they are not found a proper home. His reasoning for this is based off of his belief that blood is on the paws of 8.1 million British cats for the death of the 55 million birds killed every year in the UK. He elaborates his view by saying that “From a conservation ecology perspective, the most desirable solution seems clear—remove all free-ranging cats from the landscape by any means necessary.”

    But many are skeptical about Dr. Marra’s conclusion, as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds suggests that Dr. Marra doesn’t provide any evidence for his drastic conclusion. One spokesman for the RSPB stated that “Although cats kill millions of birds and small mammals each year, there is no evidence that this is the main cause of decline in any bird species in the UK.”

    In other words—talk about a birdbrain.

    Dr. Marra’s plan is not unique to him as this idea of thinning out the cat population has been brought up before by PETA, which has stated that euthanizing outdoor cats is more humane than letting them live outside where they might—some day—experience pain, such as getting injured over or contracting disease. (Like other wild animals). With regards to the public’s apprehension to this idea of euthanizing stray cats, PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, has stated, “It’s no kindness; it’s because people feel uncomfortable with euthanasia.”

    People might “feel uncomfortable with euthanasia” because in this instance it would involve the killing of scores of healthy cats. With the availability of other options, it begs the question of why PETA and other animal rights groups would continue their fight on this issue.

    In PETA’s case, a group that advocates against humans meddling with nature and routinely compares farms to Nazi concentration camps, it is impossible not to chuckle at the irony. Maybe they’re just not cat people.