A video posted to PETA’s Twitter account on Monday shows a dog on a porch in a flooded area of North Carolina being approached by a PETA rescuer. It’s a great video for raising money from pet lovers. We just hope it ended well for the dog.

Why? Because PETA has a history of killing healthy pets. Nearly four years ago, PETA operatives approached a family’s porch (not flooded), then abducted and killed a healthy and beloved Chihuahua named Maya. They backed up their van to the porch and attempted to coax Maya away from the property by enticing her with biscuits. When this proved unsuccessful, a PETA employee trespassed on the family’s porch and stole Maya.

Within hours, Maya was dead thanks to a lethal dose of poison administered by PETA.

The family sued and a court battle ensued. PETA administrators were being threatened to testify under oath and turn over internal documents—thereby exposing their agenda of animal extermination to the entire world. To avoid those consequences, PETA apologized and settled the case by paying Maya’s family $49,000.

PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, is on the record opposing pet ownership. In fact, she supports the swift euthanization and extermination of all pit bulls, ironically stating, “[a]n unpredictable chihuahua is one thing, an unpredictable pit another.”

Where is that dog PETA claims to have “rescued” from the flood zone in North Carolina? We don’t know but we can only pray the dog is very far away from PETA’s so-called shelter in Virginia, which has been the killing ground for nearly 40,000 animals since 1998—more than 80 percent of the animals they’ve collected.

PETA needs to make a full and public accounting of what it does with every animal it takes in from hurricane-affected areas. Otherwise, we’ll have to assume the worst.