There’s a limit to how brainwashing a person can take. Even for a PETA employee.

Laura Lee Cascada, an ex-employee of PETA, took to Medium to air her grievances with the hypocritical, pet-killing organization. Given the article’s long length, we have decided to highlight the most important and damning details:

  1. PETA starts its cultish indoctrination process from the start.

The article’s author goes into great detail to describe how “all employees are carefully groomed through issues training.” This training includes claims that euthanasia is what’s best for the animals and that PETA has a savior complex, believing that they are fixing the mess that humans created.

  1. If you go against them they will find you.

On multiple levels PETA likes being in control of its employees. The author describes receiving long emails from a boss for helping an ailing aunt find a shelter for her pets. It also has a network of employees who will monitor your activity—even outside the workplace.

  1. PETA still likes to kill fast.

A moment is described in which the author told her mom of a dog she recently rescued. When the mom quickly told her daughter she would be interested in adopting the animal—a pit bull—the author found it was too late. Only a few days had passed, but PETA had already killed the animal, which seemed to show no indicators of poor health.

  1. PETA doesn’t seem to care about what it does to its employees’ health.

In an emotional few paragraphs, the author describes working 50-60 hour work weeks to prove her dedication to PETA.  She mention how working at PETA desensitized her and warped her view of animal death. When she aired her stress with her coworkers, they looked at her like she was crazy. The stress was so intense that she had a panic attack in HR and felt she had to leave.

  1. PETA likes killing animals.

According to the author, an employee described to her that, “staff believes that their ability to euthanize animals makes them ‘badass’ — to not want an animal euthanized is considered ‘weak.’” When employees would ask about the conditions of animals given to PETA, they would be directed to ask the head of the department. This often didn’t happen because employees at PETA live in fear of their bosses.

Although dismal and disheartening, this article reveals what many of us already know: PETA is not a good organization and is definitely isn’t ethical.