pkaIn a new multiple choice survey that PETA sent its supporters, one of the questions asks, “which victory from the past six months are you most proud to be a part of?” Sadly, one of the options wasn’t “running around in lettuce bikinis like slutty buffoons.” But among the four options to choose from was this one: “Rescuing homeless and abused dogs, cats, and other animals and doing all that we can to find them loving forever homes.” PETA’s not the most truthful organization out there, but this blatant dishonesty really takes the vegan cupcake.

Let’s take a look at PETA’s track record of “rescuing homeless and abused” animals. Just last fall, two PETA employees were caught stealing a dog off of someone’s front porch and killing it. And just two months ago, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffee signed a bill into law that specifically targeted PETA’s “animal shelter.” The legislation clarifies that private animal shelters exist “for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals.” The insinuation from lawmakers that PETA does not operate such a facility was clear.

Contrary to PETA’s assertion that its shelter works hard to provide animals with adoptive families, a Virginia Department of Agriculture inspector reported that 90% of the animals that PETA took into custody “were euthanized within the first 24 hours.” So when PETA claims it is “doing all that we can to find [the animals] loving forever homes,” it really should finish the sentence “as long as it doesn’t take more than a day.”

It is ridiculous that PETA would list finding adoptive homes for animals as one of its “victories” during the same timeframe its shelter was targeted for doing the opposite. When PETA claims it works to provide animals with “loving forever homes,” the organization lies like a dog.

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