PETA—self-described “press sluts”—has a cheap way to get the media cover its antics.

It started last week when PETA demanded the small English village of Wool change its name to “Vegan Wool.”

Yes, you read that right.

Unsurprisingly, the residents of Wool were not happy about this request. One resident was quoted as saying, “We would be the laughingstock of Dorset if we agreed,” referring to the surrounding county. In fact, the village’s name “Wool” is an ancient word referring to water—it has nothing to do with sheep.

This week, PETA doubled down on this bizarre strategy that does nothing for animals and demanded a French village change the name of “Rue de la Saucisse,” or “Sausage Street,” to “Rue de la Soycisse,” referencing soy.

The mayor, with good reason, believed the whole thing was a ridiculous joke at first and has already refused PETA’s request. The sole resident of Sausage Street said the street’s name is not actually a reference to meat, but to a colloquial early 20th century French term for a female villager.

It seems PETA is ignorant of etymology and lacks the willpower to look into the history of a place. Who’s surprised?

Should Hamburg be renamed Blackbeanburg? Should the Swiss town of Gruyères change its name to Almond Cheese? And for Bologna, maybe the Italian city can be renamed Portobello? Sardinia can ditch that sardines legacy and change its name to Soydinia.

Perhaps the most obvious move is for PETA to demand the country of Turkey change its name to Tofurkey. This would certainly generate press coverage. But since Turkey’s leader doesn’t take mockery very well, we wouldn’t recommend PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies” march through Istanbul.