Enough is enough for a small business called Paws for Effect, a company that adopts and trains animals to perform in various types of media.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Paws for Effect is suing PETA for defamation. This comes after, as part of its smear campaign against the film A Dog’s Way Home, PETA sent an email to an executive at Sony and an “unknowable” number of others alleging Paws for Effect had numerous citations under the Animal Welfare Act.

The problem is, according to Paws for Effect, it has never received a single citation under the AWA. The company says PETA lied. We’ll keep an eye on this case.

It’s quite sad that PETA, an organization that killed 73% of the cats and dogs in its care last year, would attack Paws for Effect and its owner Debbie Pearl, who in her spare time runs a nonprofit that rescues pups from streets and shelters and turns them into service and emotional support animals. But what is to be expected from an organization that promotes women dressed in lettuce bikinis?