The best way to deal with trolls is often to ignore them. PETA’s been pushing veganism for 40 years, and yet only around 1% of the public identifies as vegan. But the other–and more entertaining–solution to trolls is to outwit them. And that’s just what Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt did to PETA.

PETA took out a billboard in Oklahoma City featuring a cow calling Stitt a “meathead.”

How did Stitt respond? He set up a barbeque right under the billboard. Taking a cue from the long-running joke about PETA standing for “People Eating Tasty Animals,” he served juicy burgers, steaks, and hot dogs to hungry attendees.

We fondly recall the time a few years ago when then-Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt put out a public alert about the Humane Society of the United States. When it comes to dealing with animal activists, The Sooner State is taking the bull by the horns.