Social media exploded this morning with a new beef: Pete vs. PETA.

PETA, the obnoxious animal liberation group that opposes pet ownership, had publicly criticized celebrity comedian Pete Davidson for buying a dog from a pet store. Davidson called PETA and told them to buzz off (in less polite terms).

We couldn’t help but weigh in. Who is PETA—which has killed nearly 50,000 animals at its headquarters—to dog-shame anyone?

That’s why we are running a new billboard in Times Square telling everyone that PETA simply can’t handle Pete’s “BDE” – meaning his “buy dog energy.”

There’s nothing wrong with buying a dog—just as there’s nothing wrong with adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue. All dogs deserve good homes. And as Davidson revealed, he was buying the dog for his mother, whose previous pup recently passed away, and the breed he purchased, a Cavapoo, is hypoallergenic (Davidson is allergic to dogs). Shelters don’t necessarily have the breeds that are the best fit for a specific family.

PETA, in comparison, is anything but a dog’s best friend. Last year, PETA killed 718 dogs (and 1,374 cats) at its headquarters for a kill rate of 74%. PETA only adopted out 58 animals. Since 1998, PETA has killed nearly 50,000 animals. Simply put, PETA believes many dogs are better off dead than fed.

We’re on #TeamPete here—and if you like dogs living in a good home instead of being sent to an early grave, you should be, too.