People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), last seen receiving a rebuke from the European Court of Human Rights for trying to bring its genocide-trivializing “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign to Germany, has a sordid history of propagandizing children and young people. In prior campaigns, PETA has called on teenagers to tear down school lunchroom posters, supported a convicted felon on the lecture circuit to promote his radicalism before middle- and high-school students, and traumatized children whose parents didn’t follow PETA-approved diet and wardrobe choices. (Get the story on PETA’s child-targeting history with our “Your Kids: PETA’s Pawns” report.)

PETA continues to target children with its campaigns. Earlier this year, we covered an attempt to get the bizarre notion of “speciesism”—the belief that putting humans before animals is the moral equal of racism—into schools. (On a side note, that notion is apparently shared by the CEO of PETA’s not-really-moderate fellow travelers at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which runs no local pet shelters and advocates for veganism.) As Thanksgiving approaches, PETA’s at it again, with a billboard campaign near schools in Nevada, California, and Idaho comparing eating turkey with eating a pet. PETA seems to think that when it can’t convince the grown-ups with its false moral-equivalency stunts, it ought to try and confuse some children instead.

PETA’s child-propaganda campaign accompanies the group’s grants to violent extremists, its opposition to lifesaving medical research, and its hypocritical practice of killing thousands of dogs and cats each year on its list of sins. Coincidentally, at the same PETA is trying to use cute pets to push their agenda with elementary school kids, the group also launched a crude campaign aimed at young women comparing the wearing of fur with having unruly pubic hair, drawing more criticism. Are these the people that responsible parents want appealing to impressionable children?

Of course not. Parents, not animal rights activists proud to call themselves “complete press sluts,” should educate their kids on diet and long-held traditions. And while PETA has free speech, so do you: Those looking to register their displeasure and stand up for the homeless dogs or cats in PETA’s death-row “care” can sign our petition to revoke PETA’s animal shelter license.