Chicken-statue405tallThe City of Salem, Oregon has denied People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) request to erect a statue in honor of approximately 5,400 of chickens killed, wounded, distressed or missing in action from a truck crash earlier this month. The statue, designed by cartoonist Harry Bliss, stands over five feet tall and depicts a bloodied chicken on crutches.

It’s a pointless stunt designed to gain free press. But it led us to wonder: Would PETA be so kind as to display a statue memorializing the thousands of animals deliberately killed by PETA every year?

We know that PETA kills animals on purpose, but now, they want to memorialize a few hundred chickens that were killed during a simple truck driving accident. Their argument is, “We hope that our statue will let people know that the best way to prevent crashes such as this one is to go vegan, because chickens shouldn’t have to make the terrifying trip to the slaughterhouse at all.” That same rationale from PETA’s vegan activists did little good preventing “adorable” and “perfect” homeless pets from going under the syringe in the back of a PETA van some years back.

This wounded Chicken Little statue is yet another scheme for attention by PETA. The reality is that PETA cannot be taken seriously because they do not do serious things. They barbecued a topless womantried to give vegetables sex appealkill animals they claim to protectand sell breast milk cheese, among other antics. Erecting a cartoon statue of a bloody chicken on crutches will only add to the list of forgotten larks by PETA.