PETA’s social media team seems to have a new favorite target: dead celebrities. Fortunately, Twitter wasn’t having it.

Following Google’s touching tribute last week to Steve Irwin’s on what would have been his 57th birthday via a specialized doodle, PETA decided to tweet out:

Irwin, who passed more than 12 years ago, is best remembered by the influence he had on encouraging millions to learn and explore nature and its wonderful creatures.  In his career he helped to catch and relocate endangered crocodiles in order to prevent their deaths in what later became the Australia Zoo.

The irony of PETA, which killed over 70% of the cats and dogs it received at its “shelter,” attacking Steve Irwin, a true conservationist who dedicated most of his live to saving animals, cannot be missed. Here are some of the better responses we saw:

PETA is and continues to be cruel, not just to animals but also to the people who love them.