Assuming you enjoy fun, there are three types of joy-spoilers you should never invite to a party: conspiracy theorists, nihilists, and people from PETA.

Case in point: Pokémon Go was released last week, and (literally) the entire world went wild. In just seven days, The Guardian reported, the game had surpassed Twitter in daily US users. But then PETA appeared, uninvited, with an unsolicited announcement: Stop having fun.

Trying to piggyback Pokémon Go’s social media momentum, PETA plugged for its less-popular and more disturbing Pokémon game, tweeting, “Playing the new #PokemonGo app? Play PETA’s #Pokemon game too! #GottaFreeThemAll.”

We wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s the logo:


Enticed yet? Here’s a sneak peek in-game:


PETA’s version isn’t for fun—it’s a platform for preaching their radical ideology. For instance, the PETA Pikachu has four attacks: the violent Quick Attack and ThunderShock, paired with the cute Group Hug, and Protest. But players, especially kids, will learn quickly that violence gets you what you want faster (i.e. “Pokémon Liberation!” as the game’s home screen says).

Sadly, we can’t be surprised that PETA isn’t acting like a role model for kids. Creating propaganda for kids is nothing new for PETA flacks, and they say absurd things all the time. For example in the past few weeks, President of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk has:

Compared women to chickens, and refused to take it back:


Attacked Disney for putting down alligators while searching for the body of a toddler who had been killed by one.

And let’s not forget PETA’s worst from over the years—like comparing farms to concentration camps, or kidnapping and killing somebody’s Chihuahua.

Whether it’s then or today, the lesson is one and the same, which one twitter user nailed:

No fun

And that’s why you never invite PETA people to your party.