The lies of the animal rights racket are nothing new. From creating deceptive videos that smear farmers to falsely claiming milk causes autism, there seems to be little extreme animal rights groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States won’t say or do to impose their vegan lifestyle on the rest of us.

Sylvie-Guillem-Vegan-Ad_FINAL72-e1442421838339Now, the British magazine The Spectator is calling PETA out for “telling porkie-pies” in its new sham ad campaign featuring 50-year old “evangelical vegan” ballerina Sylvie Guillem. The point of the ad is to use the ballerina’s body in the buff to show that going vegan is a healthy decision. (A photo of her in a leotard could have made the same point, but PETA likes to go the extra mile.)

In a press release announcing the ad, PETA says that Guillem “recently teamed up with us to show off the ‘ultimate selfie’ for our latest vegan campaign, and she looks terrific.” It’s hard to argue that Guillem doesn’t look great, but as The Spectator points out, PETA manages to lie three times in just 20 words:

  1. The photo is not recent, it’s from 2001.
  2. It’s not a result from a PETA team-up, it’s a French Vogue commission
  3. It does not show the body of a vegan: Guillem didn’t become a vegetarian until 2009 – eight years after the photo was taken.

And for good measure, The Spectator also notes the photo isn’t even “selfie,” it was taken by Guillem’s photographer husband.

Then there’s news today of the emptiness of another PETA campaign, this one pressuring the University of Georgia over animal research. The problem? The president of the university stated yesterday that the animal research program hasn’t been active for years. Oops.

All of this ought to be a big embarrassment—assuming, of course, PETA has any shame. That’s doubtful.

Compared to taking and euthanizing a little girl’s Chihuahua and killing thousands of animals that enter its so-called “shelter,” this is a relatively minor transgression on PETA’s part. It illustrates how PETA not only misleads and deceives the public, but outright lies to achieve its goal of total animal liberation.