MarisaMillerIf you were one of the 16 million Americans who watched the Kentucky Derby last weekend, you are far from the only person who enjoys this iconic race—so does PETA’s latest celebrity spokes-bimbo.

In a new ad campaign, PETA tapped model Marisa Miller to attack SeaWorld. In the YouTube video, Miller complains that she can’t stand the marine park because the animals are “forced to do these unnatural tricks.” But while Marisa Miller is reciting PETA’s talking points, a look at her blog reveals that she greatly enjoyed attending the Kentucky Derby a few years back. Does Miller realize that PETA wants to shut down the Kentucky Derby entirely?

Further, the Kentucky Derby is a race for 3-year-old colts. While Miller’s PETA ad accuses SeaWorld of separating whale calves from the parents, last time we checked the stables at Churchill Downs do not house the entire families of all of the competing horses.

In an interview with “Celebrities Fitness,” Marisa Miller admits that she loves “cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, Mexican food, and egg-and-cheese croissants.” And much like PETA co-puppet Joel Kinnaman, Marisa Miller also donned a leather jacket for a recent commercial.

So for those of us keeping score, Marisa Miller believes it is OK to use animals for food, for clothing, and to watch them for sport, and keep them in an aquarium—but it is wrongheaded for a family to take their kids to a marine park where they educate about marine life and conservation. We can only conclude that Marisa Miller is jockeying for the position of PETA’s most idiotic spokesman yet.