PETA gets a lot of promotion from celebrities. But are these singers, actors and public figures actually drinking PETA’s Kool-Aid? In many instances, it’s clear that even PETA mouthpieces don’t buy into PETA’s goal of “total animal liberation.” Here is a list of PETA’s top 5 most hypocritical supporters:

kesha5) Ke$ha

The singer Ke$ha has actively promoted PETA’s anti-fur agenda, but she is certainly not above wearing animal products. Kesha has worn leather to numerous public events and even was caught bringing illegal ivory into the country. Someone should remind her that PETA’s extreme stance includes fur, wool, silk, and leather.


pink4) Pink

The singer Pink starred in a PETA “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad, but apparently she would rather wear leather than go naked. Pink has also been photographed swimming with a dolphin at a marine park, yet PETA believes every marine park and zoo should be shuttered and that the dolphins are tantamount to slaves.

Pink is apparently like millions of others who enjoy learning about animals and appreciate the conservation projects of zoos and aquariums. Why not let others have that experience too?

deblasio3) Bill de Blasio

In 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio was named PETA’s “Person of the Year,” but PETA must have been grading its contestants on a curve. When Mayor de Blasio was mocked by Jon Stewart and numerous media outlets for his “PizzaGate” debacle (he ate pizza with a fork, a taboo in New York City) it should be noted this infamous dish had sausage on it (as well as cheese, of course)—a big no-no in PETA’s world.

That’s not all. Bill de Blasio recently visited a zoo, even though PETA works to shut down all animal exhibits. While we think that PETA’s position is radical and unwarranted, in the case of Bill de Blasio, maybe it’s for the best that he avoid these facilities. During a recent zoo trip he inadvertently killed a groundhog after dropping it.

MarisaMiller2) Marissa Miller

Model Marissa Miller took part in a recent PETA ad accusing SeaWorld of separating whale calves from the parents. This ad seemed strange, considering that Miller’s blog revealed that she greatly enjoyed attending the Kentucky Derby a few years back. Last we checked the stables at Churchill Downs do not house the families of all the competing horses.

Miller also admits that she loves “cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese” which won’t be on the menu at any PETA galas. And here’s the kicker–while Miller attacked a marine park, she received an award at an aquarium within the last year. Does Miller realize that PETA wants to shut down aquariums entirely–not just the one’s that house Orcas?

bieber1) Justin Bieber

When it comes to ranking PETA’s most hypocritical celebrities, we “belieb” Justin Bieber takes the cake. Bieber has been photographed at a zoo, and he is certainly no vegan. Bieber was recently sighted having a steak dinner and eating seafood.

But here’s where Bieber really stands out as a hypocrite—Justin Bieber declared “Air France sucks” at an event protesting the airline’s shipment of monkeys.  Meanwhile, the pop star once ditched a pet monkey in Germany. Bieber’s pet monkey was seized when the singer flew into the Munich airport without the required documentation. The singer was given a chance to gather the paperwork necessary to reclaim his pet, but failed to do so. Justin Bieber took a shot at Air France, but flew around in an airplane with a monkey of his own. What a classic case of PETA celebrity hypocrisy.