PETA may be in some legal hot water.

In an update to an ongoing lawsuit over alleged spying by PETA operative Jenna Jordan, PetSmart has added PETA itself as a defendant in the case. Jordan was allegedly sent to spy on multiple PetSmart stores across the country as part of a years-long operation to make fraudlent videos about the company.

In obtaining employment with PetSmart, Jordan allegedly lied on her application and omitted the fact that she was previously fired from a zoo for spying on behalf of PETA. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Jordan committed a litany of offenses from animal neglect to filing false reports with law enforcement.

A copy of the suit is available here.

The lawsuit, which correctly identifies PETA as a “militant, activist organization,” wants PETA to pay $100 for each day Jordan spied on the store and its employees. Given that Jordan worked at PetSmart, over a long length of time, it could be quite a large bill for PETA. (PetSmart ought to ask for more.)

The lawsuit also makes note of PETA’s hatred of pet ownership, citing the recent lawsuit in which PETA paid about $50,000 after stealing and killing a family’s Chihuahua in Virginia. Also highlighted in the lawsuit are PETA’s high kill rates at its headquarters’ shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, despite the fact PETA took in close to $50 million.

After years of PETA picking on farms and other businesses, it’s good to see someone bite back.