Robocop-poster-11713-hi-resJoining a long list of publicity seeking celebrities like reality “star” Khloe Kardashian, Bay Watch babe Pamela Anderson, and Australian pinup Kobe Kaige, actor Joel Kinnaman of “Robocop” fame has joined PETA’s campaign against fur, by sending a letter to the government of his native country Sweden.

In the message, which was sent out via PETA, Kinnaman cited the radical animal-rights group as one of the reasons behind his opposition to fur farming, by acknowledging that a recent PETA video had bothered him.

Well if a PETA video bothered Kinnaman, wait until he hears this—PETA kills animals. In fact, PETA has killed roughly 33,000 animals in the last 11 years. As we have previously reported, PETA’s “animal shelter” puts down over 90% of the animals in its care. Last year, PETA killed 1,536 cats and 788 dogs, and a veterinarian’s inspection report previously stated that 90% of the animals that PETA takes in are euthanized within the first 24 hours.

PETA’s kill shelter also earned the organization bipartisan condemnation from Virginia lawmakers who voted for the passage of legislation to clarify that private animal shelters are facilities “operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals.” This bill, which was signed into law by Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe, was a direct response to PETA’s operation.

If Kinnaman is opposed to wearing fur, that’s certainly his choice, but he may want to do his research before jumping in bed with PETA: What’s more offensive, the farming of animals, or the intentional euthanization of animals on a large scale instead of trying to find them homes?

Lastly, if Joel Kinnaman is surprised to find out that PETA kills animals, we have an even bigger shocker for him–that peculiar leather jacket that he wore on the set of The Killing last year also came from an animal. So did the steak salad that he ate while being interviewed for a Washington Post column.

Before Joel Kinnaman advocates for others to stop using animals, perhaps he should too.