1. PETA’s Indecent Exposure, Exposed

    The lies of the animal rights racket are nothing new. From creating deceptive videos that smear farmers to falsely claiming milk causes autism, there seems to be little extreme animal rights groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States won’t say or do to impose their vegan lifestyle on the rest of us. Now, the British magazine The Spectator is calling […]

  2. Inside the Warped Reality of Pet-Killing PETA

    In a new multiple choice survey that PETA sent its supporters, one of the questions asks, “which victory from the past six months are you most proud to be a part of?” Sadly, one of the options wasn’t “running around in lettuce bikinis like slutty buffoons.” But among the four options to choose from was this one: “Rescuing homeless and […]