There’s no shortage of outrageous news PETA will shamelessly generate for itself. Between protesting in the nude and staging a parody Holocaust memorial, PETA’s desperate stunts for attention all fulfill its self-stated mission of being “complete press sluts.”

But PETA doesn’t love all of the attention it gets, especially when it comes to its own “shelter.” Remember: PETA kills thousands of adoptable cats and dogs at its Virginia headquarters every year. Over the past 10 years, PETA has an unforgivable 91 percent kill-rate and abysmal 1 percent adoption rate.

Hypocritically, PETA repeatedly violated its own published guidelines for animal shelters. While they pulled the guidelines off their website after we originally pointed this out, it’s worth highlighting on this “Flashback Friday.”

Fortunately, the internet never forgets and neither should we. You can see PETA’s shelter guidelines here.

And perhaps you’ll notice this hidden gem of PETA’s hypocrisy:

“The public is made to feel welcome, and there is a quiet room where people can be alone with the animal they are considering adopting.”

Ask yourself: would you feel “welcome” if you visited PETA’s shelter and asked to see all the (dead) cats and dogs? We find that hard to believe.