PETA keeps sinking to new lows in its crusade against pets and pet owners.

Last month, PetSmart filed suit against undercover PETA operative Jenna Jordan, who worked at multiple PetSmart locations, alleging a years-long unlawful effort to undermine PetSmart’s operations of caring for animals and providing services to pet owners. The allegations against Jordan include animal neglect, fraud, and making false reports to law enforcement personnel.

A copy of the suit is available here.

The suit claims Jordan knowingly neglected to provide veterinary care to animals entrusted to her care. To create PETA propaganda, she allegedly filmed the animals in need of medical attention and allowed a bird to die so she could falsely accuse PetSmart of neglect.

If the allegations are true, this PETA plant is off her leash and facing some serious legal trouble.

It wouldn’t be the first time an animal rights organization was summoned before a judge. Last year PETA paid almost $50,000 to settle a lawsuit after its employees stole a chihuahua off a family’s front porch and killed it. Elsewhere, the Humane Society of the United States and ASPCA (and a handful of smaller groups) paid $25 million to settle a racketeering lawsuit alleging they secretly paid a witness who lied in court to support animal-rights litigation.

PETA has made a business out of picking on small groups in court over the past couple of years who don’t have the resources to defend themselves. Now a big dog is taking PETA’s scheming to task. We look forward to what comes to light.