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  1. PETA Tries to Indoctrinate Kids

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    PETA is notorious for its bad ideas. Remember when it compared the atrocities of slavery and the Holocaust to farming? But PETA’s new campaign is brought to you by the letters W, T, and H. Earlier this week, PETA asked Sesame Street to introduce a vegan Muppet to help urge kids to stop eating meat.  

    In the past, Sesame Street has taken on important subjects like 9/11, disabilities, and most recently the opioid epidemic. The idea that PETA feels that veganism even compares to these subjects is outrageous–especially because veganism can be unhealthy for children.

    Las month, a panel of experts from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association declared that children should avoid plant-based milks. The panel decided that unless the child is lactose intolerant, plant-based milk should be avoided given its lack of nutrients, specifically vitamin D and calcium. These specific vitamins and minerals are essential for building a strong bone structure.

    It’s not just milk. Forcing children to go vegan was even deemed “unethical” by the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium after finding that veganism leads to health issues in developing children In Belgium, unless the children are strictly monitored and tested feeding your child a vegan diet is considered child abuse and punishible by law.

    George Casimir, the pediatrician who led the commission that issued the report, stated: “When we are children, the body manufactures brain cells. This implies higher requirements for protein and essential fatty acids. The body does not produce them, it must be brought in via animal proteins.”

    These are just a few of several other studies that come to the same conclusion: A vegan diet can be bad for kids. 

    This isn’t the first time PETA has tried to indoctrinate children. The organization ran an entire website targeted at kids and even handed out “Unhappy Meals” with gory imagery to kids. Has PETA no decency?


  2. Animal Activists Oppose Rat Control. Really.

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    Anyone who has visited New York City knows there is a major rat problem. The rat population in the city was estimated to be around two million in 2014—one rat for every four people—but apparently has skyrocketed since. The vermin problem has bred all kinds of jury-rigged solutions, from mint-scented trash bags to rat birth control. (Yes, seriously.)

    Rats can spread lethal diseases and have even led to a man’s death in 2017 after he contracted a bacterial infection from coming in contact with rat urine. In addition, rats are notorious for biting through wires and cables, which could result in fires.


    Enough is enough for Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President.  He’s introduced a new inconspicuous rat trap to the city. The traps, approximately two feet tall and tan, are easily hid in bushes and are easily overlooked. Near Brooklyn’s city hall alone, the traps killed 107 rats in a month.


    This rat trap would attract rats using various types of bait to get the rat to climb to the top of the box. Once the rat does a false floor gives way and the rat falls into a concoction of water and alcohol, putting the rat out of commission in less than a minute.


    Sounds great to most New Yorkers, right? Not unless you’re one of NYC’s hardcore animal “liberation” activists.

    PETA and other animal rights groups oppose the traps. PETA, whose president Ingrid Newkirk has said, “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy,” claims the traps will “accomplish nothing.” Considering that the traps kill the vermin, it’s safe to say this plan is pretty successful.

    Instead, PETA wants the city to use birth control or live release—two ineffective methods. PETA and a bevy of other fanatical groups, such as NYCLASS and Direct Action Everywhere, signed a letter calling the treatment of rats inhumane.

    But Adams, who is a vegan, wasn’t having it. He called out the animal rights activists for being out of touch, pointing out the infestation that has occurred in impoverished communities and how it has affected people of color. Adams also argued that drowning the rats is much more humane than rat poison, which can take days to kill the vermin.


    PETA and animal rights activists have a history of being naïve when it comes to non-animal issues. Earlier this year, posted a blog about how a recent study showed burnout in the animal rights movement is especially high in women and minorities due to insensitivity issues.


    Perhaps PETA needs to check its privilege. As for NYC politicians, they should remember the rat problem as these animal liberation wingnuts lobby them to ban fur and restrict other consumer choices.

  3. Soccer Team Plays Hardball with PETA 

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    Turns out PETA can’t make everyone bend to its will. The animal rights organization tried to pressure professional soccer team Austin Bold FC into canceling its “Farmer in the Del Valle Night” promotion, which offered free admission to fans who brought their goats, cows, pigs, turkeys, sheep, horses, llamas or donkeys.

    PETA—apparently without doing research—sent out a message on Twitter stating:

    Had PETA not jumped to conclusions they would’ve learned that there were never any plans to have cows in the stands, instead the animals were housed in pens a quarter mile away in a grassy area, where noise from the stadium would be no louder than a tractor.


    The event, which was held to raise money for the local 4-H club takes place in the Del Valle area of Texas, an area with historical relevance for its multiethnic farming community. In having its event Austin Bold raises awareness of the history of the area.


    Given PETA’s history of disliking 4-H clubs and the education of young farmers, it’s no surprise that the organization that wants to see the demise of the agriculture industry would be against the event. But it is a welcome surprise to see a company stand up to the organization that bullies everyone from medical researchers to clothing companies.

  4. PETA Picks on Steve Irwin

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    PETA’s social media team seems to have a new favorite target: dead celebrities. Fortunately, Twitter wasn’t having it.

    Following Google’s touching tribute last week to Steve Irwin’s on what would have been his 57th birthday via a specialized doodle, PETA decided to tweet out:

    Irwin, who passed more than 12 years ago, is best remembered by the influence he had on encouraging millions to learn and explore nature and its wonderful creatures.  In his career he helped to catch and relocate endangered crocodiles in order to prevent their deaths in what later became the Australia Zoo.

    The irony of PETA, which killed over 70% of the cats and dogs it received at its “shelter,” attacking Steve Irwin, a true conservationist who dedicated most of his live to saving animals, cannot be missed. Here are some of the better responses we saw:

    PETA is and continues to be cruel, not just to animals but also to the people who love them.

  5. Former PETA Employee: PETA Killed Adoptable Puppies and Kittens

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    A new document filed in the ongoing dognapping lawsuit against the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) demonstrates the long-term, systemic pattern of trespassing, pet theft, and killing that occurs as part of PETA’s pet slaughterhouse operation at its Norfolk headquarters.

    Heather Harper-Troje, a former PETA employee who worked on its Community Animal Project, recently submitted an affidavit in the lawsuit making shocking claims that, during her employment, PETA regularly rounded up and slaughtered healthy cats and dogs and even misled their owners:

    • “While employed at PETA, my primary responsibilities included gaining possession of as many cats and dogs and possible, almost all of which were euthanized.”
    • “Ingrid Newkirk was in charge of the Community Animal Project and Ingrid became my supervisor.”
    • “[Newkirk] said that an effort to adopt out an animal was a waste of PETA’s money and effort.”
    • “I was specifically told by my supervisors at PETA to tell people that we would find good homes for the dogs and cats, even though we knew the animals would be euthanized.”
    • “If we saw animals loose, even on someone’s property, we were to take them whenever we could. PETA would not hold them for five days. We would not obtain signed releases if an animal was stolen, but would euthanize the animals immediately.”
    • PETA focused on impoverished neighborhoods because “people from low income neighborhoods were more likely to relinquish their pets to us.”
    • “We would routinely euthanize healthy puppies and kittens and other highly adoptable animals.”
    • “I was instructed by Erica to over-estimate the size of the dogs and cats when euthanizing them so that there would be additional drugs that could be used kill dogs and cats ‘off the books,’ meaning that dogs and cats could be euthanized without reporting their death to the State. Erica told me these instructions came directly from [Newkirk].”
    • “Killing animals ‘off the books,’ was done so that PETA’s kill rate would not look as bad.”

    These claims, made in a sworn affidavit, finally shed light on the abhorrent practices that PETA has engaged in over the past two decades.  Earlier this month, we reported that PETA had killed 1,411 cats and dogs last year, which brought its pet slaughter total – since reporting began in 1998 – to 36,000 animals killed.

    The lawsuit heads to trial in September. There’s little doubt if it gets that far that PETA will be scrambling to settle with a gag order and sweep the mess under the rug. But that would just be setting things up for PETA to continue business as usual. Hopefully Mr. Zarate, the plaintiff, will do the world a favor and expose PETA’s internal killings to the public.

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